To assist QuickClass, Inc. (QCI) and Fraternity Solutions (a division of QCI) successfully execute its business plan, QCI has engaged the investment banking services of Equinox Securities to place its Reg. D. and Series "D" Private Placement of only 200 units consisting of 20,000 preferred shares and 50% warrant coverage that includes (i) a five (5) year Series I Warrant to purchase 5,000 shares of common stock at $2.50 per share and (ii) a five (5) year Series J Warrant to purchase 5,000 shares of common stock at $3.50 per share to "accredited investors" only.
The cost per unit is only $30,000.

In the USA, there are over 22,000 high schools and the latest figures available in 2014, and a total of 2,870 four-year (4) college institutions. The USA has over 17 million high students however, this does not take into consideration the 25% annual dropout factor. There are approximately 555,500 members of Greek societies affiliated with 4-year institutions.

It is obvious to the astute accredited investor, that the significant untapped market for the QCI training courses is found in the high school market. However ongoing an recent events substantiate a need for the QCI training course model in the post secondary institutions, thus the need for Fraternity Solutions is also obvious.

In order for Fraternity Solutions to succeed, QCI needs to succeed simultaneously in the high schools marketplace, for that is where the problems of hazing, alcohol abuse and other problems facing the Greek system commences. By addressing the high schools we will be addressing the college/university Greek System as well.

QCI and Fraternity Solutions welcomes and offers affiliated Greek alumni who are "accredited investors" as defined Under the Securities Act of 1933, in SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D, the unique opportunity to participate in this socially responsible investment that offers the investor a potentially significant return on investment, while at the same time becoming an active participant in helping preserve the college/university of Greek System.

To secure a QCI investment package that includes a detailed presentation and substantiation of the "Revenue Model" please contact QCI at
Accredited investors requesting information will receive the "Confidential" QCI Series "D" Private Placement Memorandum and "Confidential" QCI Business Plan upon preliminary verification of the accredited investor status.