What is Fraternity Solutions?

Fraternity Solutions was formed for the purpose of assisting fraternities, sororities, colleges and universities address and respond to the challenges facing the Greek System in the 21st century. These challenges stem from the violations of a College/University declared

rules and standards for conduct for all affiliated Greek organizations and its affiliated members; i.e. fraternities and sororities. Furthermore, some of these rules are also based upon state laws that were passed by their respective legislatures.

Violations of the aforementioned rules and laws have resulted in numerous fraternity and sorority chapters being suspended or closed at some of the finest colleges and universities in the USA, thus depriving students of the unique brotherhood and sisterhood that has benefited more than 9 million members since its inception in 1776.

Since its beginning, the fraternity and sorority system has produced 160 Members of the United States House and Senate and every president but seven. Some additional facts are as follows:

Lastly, Fraternities and Sororities members and their alumni are responsible for raising and donating millions of dollars to Colleges and Universities and non-profit organizations, therefore the casualties as a result of these challenges, suspensions and closures represent a significant financial loss to these education and non-profit organizations.

In other words, everyone loses.